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Spring Sample Pack

Hardeman Candle Co.

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What better way to find out which candle is your go-to than to try them all at once? With our Sprint Sample Pack you will receive a 2oz candle for all 3 of our spring scents! 


Cactus Flower: Take in the fresh citrusy smell of this bright, fruity, and floral fragrance atop of bed of jasmine, lavender, vanilla, and musk. It’s a tropical take on a clean floral scent that will invigorate any space!

Clean Linens: There’s something about clean linens fresh from the dryer that make you feel like you’ve got it all together. We’ve bottled that scent and put it in a candle so that you can enjoy that fresh and clean fragrance anytime, even when the laundry isn’t done.

Lemon Lavender: Sweet orange and tangy lemon peel add a bright twist to this beautiful floral creation. Fresh cut lavender is blended with hints of green for natural appeal while a base of orange flower and vanilla adds lingering sweetness.